Mike Lindell vs. The Party of False Decorum

There is an evil in this country.

Your first instinct might be to think this is inflammatory, or meant only to provoke. It is not. It’s a statement that would, if the question was polled, be agreed upon by most Americans.

The people I will be discussing here would say, “yeah, Trump supporters!” or “yeah, it’s disinformation!” or “yeah, it’s white supremacists!”

Is it ridiculous to imagine that more than half of the nation (by every visible indication, and soon to be proven beyond doubt) is evil? Yes, it is, but these are the kinds of thoughtless responses you can expect from people who believe they’re part of an unassailably intelligent and moral majority.

For those of us who think that being informed involves more than repeating slogans and slogan-statistics to one another, the evil is knowable, definite, and fairly well-identified in the political realm - cheaters, traitors, people who morally defend the morally repugnant by abusing the justice system for their benefit, and people who claim to represent the people but have careers in corruption, who work only to retain power by dividing the people.

Most people who voted for Trump, or have since woken from their slumber to begin the work of redeeming themselves from their grievous moral error, can see all of that very clearly, and we learn more every day.

This framework suffices in the political realm. This is what we commonly refer to as the uniparty - a rough understanding that there is effectively one political party that works in unison to the same ends, and those ends are explicitly not in the interest of any individual who has realized that if one’s freedom can be restricted on the whims of self-serving politicians who do not give a damn about those they should be serving, then it is not freedom. Worse than that, and more insulting, is the fact that they are actually working to do us harm and force us to submit.

Over these many months, as the truth comes out, we are either more intimidated by the presence of that evil or we are more hopeful because more of it has come to light and, each day, more people see truth for the first time.

Beneath that, though, a different and perhaps a darker evil lurks, and most everyone can sense it.

But, not everyone. Many Biden voters, and perhaps some Trump voters, are oblivious to the humanity-threatening evil every person with awareness can sense.

Boring elites who opine on this realization are always doing so in service of defining an enemy class with a philosophical sheen to let you know their tripe is actually very well-thought out and very serious. If you don’t agree, it’s probably because you didn’t go to Harvard, like them, they constantly remind you, and you’re probably evil. They refer to it in phrases like “societal rot” and say the cause must be racism, or Trumpism, or religion, or disinformation. It’s all very smart.

Even these clueless, over-read, under-lived, lazy intellectuals, who prop up the uniparty by giving complex explanations of why crimes aren’t worth punishing, can sense there is an evil beneath the political evil. They sense it because it’s all around them.

The funny thing is they’ll admit it, too.

I spent my entire adulthood until lockdown in an elite college followed by an entry-level job with an elite corporation. Dissatisfied with the job, I applied to first-tier law schools and was granted a full scholarship at one, but then passed it up to move to a city of elites where I spent more than fifteen years in Hollywood elite society. I was cultured to be an elite since I was 17, but growing up with two parents in a remote rural town, it never fit just right. That’s not to say I was not a willing participant, and I think about how it changed me, mostly for the worse.

In elite circles there are, of course, good people who become linked at some point to the elite society and feel they need to fulfill their role within it, even as they discover the subjective and self-serving morality of the people around them, right down to their personal loyalty. But cultural forces are powerful, and good people tell themselves it’s none of their business, and rather than discussing it with the friend, they pretend as though the act itself never happened. They move on. Maybe the friend is avoided and distrust grows, but moral thinking and discernment are abandoned. They are aware, and will admit, that they are surrounded by unaccounted-for evil, and they feel powerless to oppose it. Those who speak out do so at the price of their elite status. Thankfully, more people every day are doing exactly that, realizing that the opinions of those who would silence them do not matter and cannot matter. We need more of those.

But what of the rest? They accept dishonesty from the societal authorities constantly lying to them - politicians, public health administrators, newsmen, athletes, celebrities, and worst of all, philanthropists - and are happy to repeat the lies to everyone else. The more concerned they are that the lie won’t hold up, the more dramatically they will repeat the slogans they’ve learned in order to support it. They are happy to propagandize their friends and family, and when that fails, and the people closest to them in their lives refuse to repeat more slogans, they are happy to cease propagandizing and move to eliminating them from social circles, societal standing, and in some cases, their own children’s lives. When the country’s intelligence agencies illegally spy on American citizens, these people cheer them on. When they are asked to report their own friends and neighbors, they argue that it’s sadly necessary.

In their ultimate defense, many of these people have been truly wronged by life, and the quest for cultural power and relevance within one’s community, however large the community (genuinely, from a corrupt school board member with small local power, to Lebron James, to Bill Gates), is the way to nullify the unattended-to scars from the ways the world has wronged them.

There are people across our society who are repeating the slogans harder than they ever have. They tell themselves the slogans are more important now than ever, because they’re saving us from a disease (that kills 1/1000 people who get it, nearly all of them above 70 years old with an average of four co-morbidities) and they’re doing it by mostly using their apps from the comfort of their couches with Netflix on, unhappy that UberEats has not yet arrived.

What sort of person could prioritize repeating the slogans above searching for true, actionable information in a time of concurrent, multiple, obvious crises while knowing and admitting they are constantly being lied to?

The answer is, a privileged person, but not in the mind-numbing, humanity-destroying way these very people use it. That definition of privilege is a tool of division that has no other use. There is a functional definition of privilege, however, and it’s one that is always applicable and appropriately focused on individual circumstances:

Privilege is the ability to be as aloof, lazy, uninformed, and uncaring as a person can possibly be while feeling safe in the knowledge that no matter what they do, they believe their position in their culture cannot be taken from them. Bad grades in school? Mom and Dad will pay someone to fake your accomplishments. No real goals beyond the material ones? Find a job through nepotism and find success through sycophancy. No one is buying your art or your startup failed? No problem, your rent is paid. Commit a crime? Thank goodness Dad knows a judge.

Become a degenerate drug addict who turns to prostitutes for connection and the filling of a deep void? Well, that’s why Dad is the fake president.

When the privileged are faced with a disruption, they respond by blaming the evil forces the described in the slogans and promise to comply more and repeat more slogans, with more passion. The solution is they must use their position to spread the slogans. Make your allegiance known!

We are consistently told we must listen to these people, even while they provably know nothing and lie about it.

We are told to listen to people who experienced no important disruption in their lifestyle through concurrent, multiple, obvious crises.

They are louder and even more unprincipled than before, and they would cite their mania and anxieties as a major disruption in their lives, but this is a product of being forced to convince themselves that what they know to be true is not, and that people they know to be good have joined a cult. However much they tolerate your views, for now, they think you are a cult member, still.

But there is no cult on our side, and for most of us, none of it has ever been about Donald Trump - it’s what Donald Trump is doing for us and with us to prop up the world’s last bastion of freedom against a force bent on our submission.

These people are passively or actively supporting that force and they do so because of jadedness or exhaustion as they age, which can be understandable when you consider they’ve spent the longest duration subjected to that cultural force.

Those in younger generations mostly do not have this excuse, certainly not to the same degree, and their motivation is something else entirely: it is their membership in the Party of False Decorum.

The Party of False Decorum is marked by the overarching desire of its members to continue to impress those they wish to impress. They impress people by complying with whatever is thrown in their direction by people who can provide benefits to them through their complicity. This process is never-ending, because there are always more people to impress, and more power to be gained.

And power to what end? Money, prestige, fame, sex, validation, acceptance, stability, and a range of other material and emotional needs which are seen as being attainable through their playing right along.

Moral and intellectual thinking are delegated to false authorities, and this is the condition necessary for communism to rise.

The process of impressing the people above oneself in the hierarchy within the Party of False Decorum necessitates disregarding those lower as a signal of one’s belonging with the higher ones, except when extreme regard for the perceived lower people is part of the process of impressing those higher up.

How is it that people can self-righteously argue that our elderly must die alone for the good of us all, or even accept it as something to consider? They turn a blind eye to the fact that the people they vote for have, for the time, successfully covered up their choice to send sick patients into nursing homes. They have abandoned the responsibility for their moral and intellectual thinking in service of repeating the slogans, while knowing these awful scenarios will not happen to them, because they have the means and the standing to ensure they don’t.

Meanwhile, the unvaccinated are being referred to as murderers who carry a disease while they do everything they can to resist being injected with an experimental gene therapy, with unknown (and forcibly unspoken) side-effects, whose known side-effects are life-alteringly, and even life-endingly bad. The claim, though, isn’t simply that I must not be forced to submit, it’s that no one should be, and everyone deserves to be honestly informed of the benefits and hazards to give consent. This is an obvious moral necessity, and the Nuremberg Code was intended to make this unassailable.

Enduring eighteen consecutive months of crisis has not yet brought these people to a point where they sense that their position and standing in their society could erode. Many of them, due to cushy jobs or unemployment plans that they enjoy more than working, are currently being incentivized to do nothing more than stay home, eat, and repeat the slogans, which they’re happy to do because they are still entertained by actors and athletes who are also repeating the slogans, or being forced to.

The Party of False Decorum explains this phenomenon in a way that the uniparty does not. It is nothing more than a commonality that exists among, essentially, all of these people, and it exists apart from any immutable identity. It is self-defined and chosen, and can be acknowledged and abandoned.

Thankfully, this is happening on a massive scale, as people reach their own personal breaking points and consider what it is they are really holding onto. It’s not that they don’t know the truth, it’s that they battle it, thinking the Party of False Decorum and their position in it is what gives their lives meaning.

This is what happens when honesty and morality are reduced to transactions, performed for perceived benefits. This is a necessary condition for communism to rise.

We imagine communism as something only hard-lefists want and were (somehow) taught that Nazism and fascism were ‘right wing ideologies’ when they are actually collectivist ideologies, like communism, that attain power through division and subjugation and reward complicity. Communism and Fascism are not opposites, they’re facets of the same thing. Their opposite is freedom and liberty in a government controlled by and accountable to the people. Their opposite is Americanism.

If collectivist ideologies yielded equality, those whose power is derived from the ideology would abandon the ideology, because equality is decidedly not what they want. This is why they excuse their exercise of cultural power by claiming that there are those who have even more, so it must be those people’s fault. After all, they’re the ones who haven’t pulled me up to their level yet.

This is the point we have reached. The Party of False Decorum is now promoting the explicitly racist and Marxist theories known as Critical Race Theory and anti-racism, which, we’re told, is the nice kind. Party Members do this to avoid being called racist, and they’ve complied for this long, so what’s a little more communism to avoid a few uncomfortable conversations?

This is not a call to action, it’s a call to recognition, most importantly for these very people. The purpose of this time, as I see it, is not to seek to destroy the members of the Party of False Decorum, it’s to reach them, and convince them that they must listen, even to people they don’t care to impress. For everyone’s sake.

We need them and we want them to be our allies. They are a necessary part of achieving the lofty aspirations of our Founding Fathers in the project they set before us. We don’t need them to be punished or disavowed, we need them to be American again, or perhaps for the first time.

They must abandon the Party of False Decorum and try to dismantle the thought process that kept them at arm’s length from the rest of humanity. This requires nothing more than the simple choice to tell the truth, even at the expense of Party membership. When they begin this process, we need to meet them with forgiveness to the degree they genuinely seek it out, and gratitude that we are one person closer.

I despise and oppose communism in all its forms. It is the endgame of placing Party membership above truth on a quest for perceived personal benefits. There is no reason we must continue down this road. It is not our destiny. It remains our choice to resist it.

We can build a fair and just society through freedom and through values that seek to fairly reward what’s good, as this is what good people want. It is attainable for a moral people who prioritize truth above ill-gotten benefits.

Nowhere is this schism in our society more perfectly illustrated than in the public perception of Mike Lindell. He is an embodiment of what the Party of False Decorum loathes - a loud, brash truth-teller who laughs at the Party’s attempts to destroy him and trudges forward in the face of unrelenting abuse, attacks, and insults.

Each day Mike Lindell makes the choice to continue fighting, knowing the enemy would give him whatever he could ask for if he agreed to stop. But he does not stop, and I imagine Mr. Lindell sees this journey as parallel to his recovery from addiction. It is an ongoing process.

The State Media and Lindell’s other detractors call him ‘the pillow man’ in a failed attempt at derision that Lindell and his supporters actively reclaimed as an affectionate term. He is more accurately described as a former addict and skilled card-counter who found God and is now a successful entrepreneur and manufacturer of household goods (made in America, by Americans) who has the strength to remain a happy warrior in the face of unbridled hatred. We used to call that inspiring.

Often, the people mocking and deriding Lindell are Party Members of such privilege that they have not developed a single one of the positive character traits that Lindell exhibits in spades. What obstacles have they successfully overcome with a smile on their face? Where is their successful company? Where is their quest for truth? Where is their courage?

Lindell’s presence exposes their lack, as the truth often does. This is what makes speaking truth and hearing truth so difficult. We put ourselves forward as the next to be attacked, disavowed, and disowned or we must face our weakness and complicity in supporting a system we know is corrupt for our own personal gain.

There is an element of the Party of False Decorum’s hatred for Mike Lindell that goes beyond this, though, and it’s why they cannot hear what he is saying. They have been conditioned not to listen to voices like his - loud, gruff, plain-spoken, and relentless. They’ve been conditioned to believe that people who sound like Mike Lindell are often uneducated and proud in their ignorance. They see speech as an indicator of class and intellect. (Is it any wonder that slogans are so popular among them? They’re like the Gucci t-shirt or thoughts.) He could be warning them that their life is in danger and they would not listen. Arguably, he is.

On a personal note, this is exactly how I viewed Donald Trump in 2016, prior to his win. I accepted the media’s stories about Trump’s history because I did not know his history myself. His manner of speech made it believable that he was a lying egomaniac, bent on his own ambition. I spent the time since his election learning about conservatism and discovering the media’s total dishonesty. Initially, I did this to find out why half the country could think as they do, and I continued purely from interest when I learned conservatives used reason to reach their opinions, and they’d be happy to explain them, rather than repeating slogans, appealing constantly to authority and credentials, and then repeating statistics they can’t explain from studies that wouldn’t survive a careful reading by a kid in middle school. I became a subscriber to National Review. (But being unable to quickly discern the truth about the two most critical crises of our time is unforgivable, particularly for ‘the good side’.) I listened to conservatives and changed my registration to independent, but I still expected to vote Democrat because I was no more on board with Trump than the National Review was.

In 2020, my lifestyle (and my industry) were ended when the Party of False Decorum decided it would be best for us to eliminate in-person contact. In the first few weeks, it was easy to accept that we might need to maintain hospital capacity, so ‘two weeks to slow the spread’ sounded like something we could do. It became quickly apparent that the goal of those making our decisions for us was not to save lives, but to acquire the power necessary to make all our decisions for us. Their decisions were not based on any science, any data, any evidence, or any logic, and dissent was met with censorship. More importantly, it was clear they were lying about their goal. Their goal was not to preserve our society and culture, it was to surrender them, permanently. I realized that if what we were facing was an act of war, those in charge were happy to lose it and give our country away to ensure their power could not be challenged. I did the work to know, as best I could, what was happening, what lies we were being told, and why.

I discovered that Trump was telling us the truth, about all of it. If he was, at times, imprecise or iIl-mannered, it was not because he was trying to deceive, it was because it’s how he talks. Once you realize Trump is telling the truth, about everything, the world of truth opens to you.

Yet, people who believe that 50% of the people who become infected with the China virus, according to polls, end up hospitalized will happily call a man who has consistently risen above constant attacks from every powerful entity in the world a moron. We watch people who advocate for the mandatory injection of children to ‘save them’ from a disease that does not threaten their lives call Trump immoral.

If they are asked to explain their hatred for Trump, or Lindell, or the supporters of either (or both), they respond with a litany of complaints they cannot even begin to substantiate, much less prove. They don’t even know why they’re so angry.

They comfort themselves knowing that they voted to empower a man who cannot consistently form complete sentences and seems totally devoid of the ability to spontaneously express coherent thoughts. He speaks like a smart person, or at least someone who says the things smart people say, they imagine. But will they even bother defending the fake president? Of course not. Most will admit they don’t know what he’s doing and don’t particularly care, because they just wanted Trump out. Even now, with Trump ‘out’, they think that what will solve everything is just less of everything Trump represents including, and especially, us.

They claimed that the 2020 election was the most important decision all of us would ever make and then made theirs to impress fellow Party Members without considering they might be wrong. They don’t (and won’t) even care if Biden ends up removed through the 25th Amendment six months into his term, or if he dies in office. They strategize around this potentiality and look forward to when Kamala Harris may ascend to the position of fake president, this despite polls showing two thirds of the country do not believe she is prepared for the job and despite the fact that she remains among the least popular people to ever attempt, much less attain, high office. Perhaps the eventuality of having to replace Biden factored into the need to fabricate the vote so dramatically that we’re now told Biden and Harris amassed 15 million votes more than Hillary Clinton in 2016 and even greater support from minority voters than Barack Obama, but only in the handful of cities where the election was “won”. Of course, the people will want the Vice President on the most popular president ever.

When pressed, they will make an appeal to how bad Trump is, once again making their morality transactional and proudly displaying how little they’ve thought about anything important. They voted for a man who was mentored in politics by a genuine Klansman, thinking they were solving racism. They voted for a man who has provably sold his public office for decades, thinking something about Trump and Russia that they can’t explain. They voted for a man who is verifiably compromised by our most threatening adversaries (including the country with 2,000,000 members of an ethnic and religious minority currently in concentration camps) because they were told that Trump was dangerous, even after four years of relative peace and stability on the world stage. The voted for a man with a history of racist statements, racist legislation, and racist friends who sniffs and touches children because the criminal and cultural leech, Michael Avenatti, told them about Stormy Daniels. This helps them impress other Party Members.

Now they tell us we are not allowed to even discuss the abundant and overwhelming evidence of a stolen election because doing so might lay the groundwork for the FBI to stage another very violent insurrection. According to Rasmussen in June, only 29% of the country is opposed to forensic audits while 55% were in favor and the remaining were unsure or had no opinion. We can assume this means they’re open to audits if they see the right evidence. These people will soon join us. These numbers have gone in only one direction, and they will not be turning back.

A note on what ‘evidence’ now means, as they define it: they will accept any explanation that allows them to disregard the veritable mountains of actual evidence, no matter how self-contradicting, absurd, or convoluted. When they find an explanation they can force themselves to believe, the actual evidence disappears. It’s not evidence at all, in fact, it’s more proof that everyone else has gone crazy.

How did Biden achieve statistically impossible vote spikes in the middle of election night after counting had been stopped in key locations around the country? Well, you see, that’s because of the mail-in ballots, or something, but it’s definitely not a problem. You must accept their answer. If you keep asking, the FBI will be forced to stage another insurrection, so stop asking. If you even think about asking, the Party’s algorithm will censor your every word, and make sure you don’t see the words of others who agree with you.

The regime tells us they are censoring us, but that it’s not actually them doing it, just a private company doing it on their behalf, and that we should be thankful, otherwise we could be imprisoned. There are FOIA’d records of the California Secretary of State’s office censoring an Instagram post of me speaking. I take solace knowing the private company is the one who censored me, though. That’s called freedom.

Upon my banning from Instagram and Twitter, my friends in a position to speak out about it (minus a few loyal patriots) responded that I shouldn’t have been saying the no-no words. We are no longer friends. They can’t even prove me wrong about anything, but they know I must be, because The Atlantic says so.

Remember, Party Members have delegated their moral and intellectual thinking to sources of false authority they call The Experts. Fact checks are available to reassure them that The Experts debunked each and every dangerous truth, and this assertion alone is sufficient to disbelieve and disregard whatever is claimed. Party Members assume that media claiming something is debunked indicates that someone responsible, sophisticated, and honest has actually disproven the dissenting claim. The fact-checks always come with the reminder that those people dissenting are doing so out of ignorance, bad faith, or ill intent.

In his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel, Lindell was asked if he’d be doing the same thing if it was Trump who had benefited from cheating. Lindell responded in the affirmative without thinking, because he undoubtedly would, and he knows it. Most people will accept this, because while they might think Mike Lindell is dumb and a blowhard, they do not think he’s an evil man set on deceiving the world.

But consider this: the same Party Members would very likely believe every single claim Mike Lindell is making if it were Rachel Maddow or Jake Tapper relaying them the same information. Polling shows American media is the most distrusted in the world and at an all-time low point in trust among Americans, but State Media are still the ones who disseminate the slogans, and the slogans must be repeated. Party members convince themselves that the media is telling the truth this time, because it’s so important to avoid another insurrection against our democracy. It doesn’t matter how many times their dishonesty is exposed, the slogans will be adopted and repeated. Democracy depends on it!

Brian Stelter is a source of truth while the Arizona auditors, who have been called before Congress to give expert testimony in the past, are clowns and frauds and QAnons.

Keith Olbermann proclaims himself the arbiter of morality while Lin Wood is a lunatic and Michael Flynn is a traitor. This defies rationality and even the most basic moral discernment. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so depressing.

Anthony Fauci is, himself, The Science while the expert signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration are peddling dangerous misinformation.

George Soros and Bill Gates are saving the world while Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are spreading baseless conspiracies.

The justice system is racist and corrupt, but it also acted properly on election fraud cases where it didn’t bother to allow evidence to be shown, almost anywhere, at the behest of hundreds of Party attorneys practicing lawfare to guarantee that truth cannot find a venue.

We are told that masking is a moral imperative even though countless studies show no benefit from masking and a measurable threat to the health of the wearer, physically and psychologically including, and especially, the nation’s children. These studies appear in prestigious medical journals and receive State Media fact-checks to discredit them. They exist and masks are supported despite that fact, because The Experts tell us there may be some small benefit, and it’s not a big deal to just submit and comply. (It could catch a stray droplet here and there! Wear it out of respect!)

We are told that the liars were not lying then, because more information has since emerged, and they are not lying now, because the justifications for lying before are even more relevant now. The Party of False Decorum accepts this and happily repeats the slogans.

Let’s assess what Mike Lindell is claiming, because both sides agree that Lindell is saying he has irrefutable proof that the election was stolen in collusion with adversarial foreign actors over the internet. We refer to this as hacking, although we may soon find that the term is inaccurate. The Party of False Decorum agrees that Lindell is claiming this, but that he is either too stupid to know what he’s saying or is being tricked, and that his information is false on the basis that someone like Mike Lindell cannot be right about something like this.

They cannot, of course, prove that his information is false or fabricated, because they have not seen his information. This helps to explain their constant, irrational panic.

Likewise, we cannot prove that his information is true, because we have not seen it either. We have seen bits of it, explanations of it, corroboration of it, and the evidence of election fraud - including in past statements of Democrat Communist Party leaders - to understand the possibility and likelihood that his information is true. We recognize this for what it is, because we are able to hear Mike Lindell and approach what he says with curiosity and discernment, knowing that it is simply information among other information.

We also understand that if Mike Lindell is correct, the information he possesses will shake the Earth down to its core. What we are looking at is not some small evidence of fraud due to random malfeasance or human error. What we are looking at is an act of war, carried out with the complicity of the Party of False Decorum. Who, after all, are the ones doing their best to make sure the truth cannot be known? All of this because they’re genuinely worried about the FBI staging another insurrection that threatens our democracy? No, they’re lying about being scared of that, too. Most are lying when they say they even believe the 1/6 narrative.

Mike Lindell’s information, if proven true, will show that Donald Trump won, by a lot. Lindell has said that the actual count - removing only the machine fraud shown by the packet captures - shows Trump winning by twelve million votes rather than losing by seven million votes, but that is not the only fraud that occurred.

His information, if proven true, will show that virtually our entire government is illegitimate and likely has been for a very long time. Not just the President, or some senators, or congress members, or governors, or state officials, but our local officials, our school board members, our judges, our District Attorneys, and our sheriffs. It will show that ballot measures were never passed and that many laws running our lives were put in place by those who were never elected by the people.

Lindell’s claim is not a small one. It should matter to every citizen of this country, even the ones spoiled enough to think America is not the greatest place they could live. (It is strange they don’t leave, isn’t it?)

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, I agree. Lindell says he has that. Extraordinary evidence is already available, for anyone who cares to look. But is the claim even extraordinary? Kennedy won a stolen election. Party Members spent four years undermining the duly elected president by claiming his election was stolen… on no evidence.

Is Lindell’s information true? I believe it is, but I’m not in a position to know for sure. I could be getting tricked, by virtue of Lindell having been tricked. We’d then have to assume that those around him, advising him, and doing the extensive cyber work have all been tricked as well, or perhaps they’re in on it.

We can say for certain that Mike Lindell believes Mike Lindell. He is not trying to trick anyone. He has spent millions of dollars of his own money, endured constant attacks against his company and against him personally, and been silenced, threatened, and sued. He was a wealthy man who easily could’ve continued to peacefully enjoy his own life. To think he’s tricking people intentionally is the sort of thing only Don Lemon’s audience could rationalize as they drool into their takeout dinner beneath a blanket.

Lindell just staked another $5,000,000 of his own money as the prize money for disproving his information, available to any cyber expert at his Cyber Symposium who can show he’s wrong. He’s doing this to get more cyber experts to analyze the information. Are we to believe he wants to be proven a liar and fool on a world stage of his own creation? There is no doubt that Mike Lindell believes Mike Lindell.

Still, it’s possible that he’s just wrong and will be blindsided, we’re told. His information came from someone the media works hard to convince us is a no-no person, or it was gotten illegally, or it’s an intelligence operation designed to demoralize the Trump movement once and for all. The latest version of this is the claim that the failed Symposium will be used to to prove that the Arizona audit is illegitimate and that the whole venture was misguided from the start, a total farce.

The Party of False Decorum sure can dream, but I think they’re missing something.

While the Cyber Symposium will be the first time the public sees the packet captures, it will not be the first time anyone outside Mike Lindell’s team has seen them. This video is from Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks. Ken Bennett, the Arizona Senate’s audit liaison tells Fredericks that the auditors have the same packet capture information and are analyzing it, in no uncertain terms. If you’re short on time, jump to about 8:30.


With no special knowledge, if Bennett is telling the truth, that means that Lindell’s packet capture information is already (and has been) part of a State-sanctioned audit under the purview of a judge. The video was from July 1st. The first day of the Cyber Symposium is August 10th.

Are we to believe that he is going to somehow present false information even though the auditors have been examining it for six weeks? Beyond that, we’re expected to believe his presenting the information will discredit the Arizona auditors, and that he’ll go forward with it even if their analysis finds his data lacking?

Again, they have the same information and it is being analyzed as part of the Maricopa County audit.

How many truly absurd scenarios are we expected to believe about the irresponsibility and ignorance of all those with the temerity to speak The Big Truth before we accept this isn’t some act of ignorance or poor judgment?

If the Arizona auditors find his information lacking, one would expect them to say so before Lindell shows the world. They will have had it for six weeks. It’s possible that the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County is withholding access to routers and passwords and splunk logs to make the verification of the packet captures difficult. Perhaps the auditors will be unable to judge the validity of Lindell’s information in time, and will not save him from public embarrassment.

Still, Dr. Douglas Frank has deduced the same information using publicly available data, showing the same algorithms at work that the packet captures are purported to illustrate. Is that a coincidence? Is Dr. Frank also in on it? If he is, why has he said in interviews that Lindell has packet captures from elections in the past six months? Why has he claimed whistleblowers have come forward and people around the country have provided help in less-discussed locales?

Why is it so difficult for people to believe that the thing described in HBO’s documentary ‘Kill Chain’ happened exactly as described by Democrat primary contenders Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar?

If my arguments don’t convince you, I accept that. Mike Lindell will produce the goods or he will not, but he is not staking his livelihood and personal honor on something he does not believe. He is not trying to trick anyone. The information is true or it is not, and we will soon know. If nothing else, the Cyber Symposium warrants the curiosity and attention of every American citizen who cares about this country and its future.

There are those, even on our side, who can’t believe that Lindell was the one chosen to receive the information he received on January 9th, 2021. Why Lindell, they ask? Why not a prominent attorney, or a Senator, or the military?

It’s a good question. Consider the last six months. If you believe, or suspect, that the election was stolen, you should ask yourself this: who could that information be given to that the Party Members would believe? There is no one.

Party Members were not going to believe it, no matter what, because they understand what’s at stake if they’re not actually part of a moral and intellectual majority. That would mean everything is based on a lie. They were tricked. The beliefs they profess to impress people are actually beliefs that the majority of the country finds abhorrent. They will be exposed for exactly who they are and what they’ve done.

The Party tells us that halting illegal immigration is racist so we must accept an open border while women and children are trafficked across it by brutal cartels. The women and children are raped and beaten and sometimes simply left for dead. The cartels bring criminals across our border as often as they bring economic migrants looking for a better future. They fill our neighborhoods with drugs, including Chinese fentanyl, and it spreads across our country, decimating communities. We are told that even speaking these truths is racist by people who see no problem in bringing one million foreigners illegally across our border where they will be given government benefits in exchange for their votes and their low-wage labor.

(Perhaps I don’t understand the communists, but I thought they agreed that taking foreigners from their homes and bringing them here to exploit them for their labor and political power, while they do not have the ability to refuse, constitutes a slave trade.)

If Mike Lindell is telling the truth, it will strike at the pillars of the Party of False Decorum. The idea that ‘everybody knows’ the Party is right about everything becomes untenable. Who, then, will be impressed by their beliefs, their slogans, and their slogan-statistics while they argue in favor of the morally debased structure they’ve been supporting?

What will happen when the country learns that ‘the black vote’ is the one the Party steals the most, and the Party does so while calling everyone else racist? What happens when people learn that their vote was counted .75x while the Party members’ votes counted 1.25x? .75x may be three fourths of a vote, but it sounds a lot like three fifths, and we’re told that one vote counting for ‘three fifths’ is proof that America’s founding was racist all along. What will the antiracists say?

But why Mike Lindell?

Maybe Mike Lindell was the only person who could cause the change necessary to fix this country’s darkest evil - the transactional morality that incentivizes prioritizing complicity and membership in the Party of False Decorum over the truth.

I suspect that a necessary condition of a person finally waking up and choosing the truth - even when their Party membership is threatened, even if their social circle will abandon them, and even if their livelihood is put at risk - is that they have to choose truth for truth’s own sake, even after trying to avoid it in every possible way.

I suspect Mike Lindell is among the most wholly unbelievable people a true Party Member could ever imagine. He meets none of their conditions for an authoritative source. He doesn’t speak the right way, say the people who voted for a man who is almost incapable of speaking. He’s a conspiracy theorist, say the people who still think Trump cheated in 2016 or only won because of Russia. (This is the same Russia that invented Hunter’s real laptop which real Hunter dropped off at a repair shop and forgot or left intentionally, the one in the possession of the real FBI since December of 2019.) He was a drug addict, say people who can’t sleep without Ambien and don’t do cocaine except on special occasions. He’s dangerous, say people who said rampant violence was ‘mostly peaceful’ and regardless, it was justified, because of how we treat ‘people of color’. He has a stupid mustache, say people who have realized how stupid the rest of their answers sound.

I suspect that what will ultimately make Mike Lindell the hero many of us believe him to be - if his information proves true - is that people had to earn the truth themselves by first accepting truth for its own sake, against all conditioning from culture and its authorities.

Truth doesn’t sound like we want it to sound. It doesn’t always please us like the narrative does. Sometimes it’s horrifying. Sometimes it exposes us for who and what we are, and many Party members avoid this at all cost. Truth doesn’t come in an expensive looking box, with a luxury designer’s logo, and it often isn’t spoken in the Queen’s English. It is awkward and rough and dirty.

Truth remains truth, and eventually, we all must accept it or depart from reality.

I can’t speak for everyone on our side, but I think we are prepared to handle the truth, and confident that we can and will win, whatever the odds, even without Mike Lindell’s information. Most of us see that as an alternate option to quicken the process, not the deciding factor. The forensic audits that have occurred, not just in Arizona, has already exposed rampant election fraud and enormous, intentional election insecurities. No one who has realized this will quit. The nation will be audited, everywhere. Everyone knows what the audits will show. That is why we are censored, and even those who applaud the censoring know it.

If Lindell is right, millions of Americans will be forced to choose to accept the truth from imperfect sources or cast themselves into a mental and emotional abyss that they may never crawl out of. Some will be lost forever. It is our job, and our duty to our country, to make sure that number is as small as possible, for their sake and for ours.

So, why Mike Lindell?

I believe that Donald Trump may have been the only person who could have exposed the uniparty and triggered the awakening of our country, however flawed, and forging ahead nonetheless. He turned a spotlight on and shone it on himself, and that act alone was so offensive to the uniparty, they turned it back on themselves. We have seen them. We now know who and what they are. We are awake to the political evil.

I believe that Mike Lindell may have been the only person who could make people see truth for truth’s sake, and expose the Party of False Decorum and how they operate. To receive truth from Mike Lindell and accept it, we must choose to prioritize it above our membership in the Party of False Decorum, wherever it exists. We must do it in the face of the very worst they can and will throw at us.

And we will do it as Mike Lindell does: laughing, smiling, and confidently hopeful that the American Renaissance is just ahead.