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Re podcast yesterday and discussion: I just heard Bannon say get in peoples grill at thanksgiving and tell people how things are gonna be run when MAGA’s in power and who’s gonna be turfed out. Hahahaha

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Scarborough sounds VERY worried that somebody might look into the mysterious death of his aide in 2001. This is interestiing: https://legalschnauzer.blogspot.com/2012/09/autopsy-in-joe-scarborough-country.html

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They would nuke a city to get rid of trump

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The episode worked out well Chris 👏👏👏 Greatly appreciate your content. 🍻 Be well and God bless ✝️🌹

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This was a great articulation of how the DS Rat Bastard MSM talking heads are trying to use their old tricks to deflect EVERYTHING that they do onto We the People... nice try dip shits but that don't work NO MORE!!!

You can feel the momentum building for We the People and it is going to be Biblical!!!

Keep it coming.

God Wins!

God Bless!!!

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Nov 22, 2023·edited Nov 22, 2023

Chris, great episode as always! You inspired me to post this on FB:

"Key Thanksgiving Table Talking Points:

The claim that fascism is a Right wing concept, ideology, or system is utterly laughable (and ignorant/dishonest).

Being on the Right is necessarily ANTI-government ("political authority").

In fact -- ALL the way to the farrrr Right is... wait for it:

ANARCHY (complete lack of government)

Any and all formal/legal authoritarian, dictatorial, and/or tyrannical societies are objectively LEFT wing.

And when these so-called government entities/agents partner with private corporations to carry out their agendas/policies, you have a very dangerous 2-headed monster.

BUT... don't confuse dictators/tyrants with a Right-wing "Strong Man" who rises up and actively, even aggressively, leads a large group in asserting Conservative values and laws in defense (reaction) against degenerative, unnatural, and counterproductive agendas, ideas, and activities (in the name of social or economic Progress).

That is NOT the same thing as being a dictator or tyrant, but the role of a national Guardian/Vanguard.

Keep these facts handy as you inevitably find yourself in political conversations with family and friends this Thanksgiving 🤔"

* If anyone thinks I'm being inaccurate about any of this, feel free to comment with feedback. I don't claim to have it all figured out, but trying to do my part to accelerate The Great Awakening!

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I’ll tune in later I’m on the road!

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Awesomeness bro... I will have listen again... Happy Thanksgiving to you n urs!

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What a wonderful year of The Endgame podcast. Thanks for the awesome insight and making me feel positive and excited about the future, when all around us seems so negative. You are hilarious, I laugh every podcast, multiple times and I thank you for that. I hope you have a really lovely break and come back refreshed and excited to bring us more hilarious insights. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from half way around the world 🤗🥳

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